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Creative Spaces Construction and Development is a full service Construction Company providing services from Development, Commercial & Residential Construction, Renovation, and Consulting Service. We have not only established ourselves as an American based company but we are currently established in Dakar, Senegal. We are currently prospecting local & federal governments and private opportunities throughout West Africa. Creative Spaces Construction and Development has a unique mix of strategic partnerships and financing relationships that affords it opportunity to undertake almost any type of development/construction project whether its domestic or abroad.

Creative Spaces Construction and Development is a seasoned and polished professional company with impeccable strong business acumen, which is evident in our proven track record of building strong business operations and relationships. We display exceptional leadership skills allowing us to effectively guide our development team to success in competitive and ever-changing business environments.

For Creative Spaces, the key to success and longevity lies in our ability to remain keenly aware of trends in the development and housing market throughout the US and abroad, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for unexpected opportunities.

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